Embedded Speech Engine

This is a small footprint, cost effective and highly accurate speech engine trained using deep learning technologies. It can accommodate speech interactions involving hot words, single commands, small and large grammars. It can also handle a range of dialogue applications using a Natural Language Understanding module (also developed by CogniTech).

It is easily deployed in consumer electronics, automotive applications, and various other products where no Internet connection is required, thus secure from cyber-attack and cyber eavesdropping. Potential applications include a standalone speech engine, which could power various Internet of Thing (IoT) devices that are fast becoming core elements in the design of intelligent command and control systems used in the field of autonomous transportation, smart buildings, home automation to name a few applications.

CogniTech has developed an embedded toolkit which can assist designers in designing and producing limitless applications on platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson (TK! and TX1), Raspberry Pi, SM32 microcontrollers, to name a few.

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