CogniTech has developed a suite of products based on its patented state of the art suite of technologies. These products range from a very small footprint speech engine to a powerful conversational natural language understanding system, capable of interacting seamlessly with end users:


Embedded ASR

This is a small footprint, cost effective and highly accurate speech engine trained using deep learning technologies. It is easily deployed in consumer electronics, automotive applications ....

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Cloud/Server based ASR

This is a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition engine. Depending on the grammar size and the system requirement, this can be either a restricted or an unrestricted speech understanding system. ....

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Signal Processing Unit

This easily customized product is the results of a suite of technologies developed at CogniTech and includes connectionist model based noise reduction system which filters out ambient noise, ....

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Conversation NLU based Software

Natural language understanding (NLU) manages system-user interaction by a dialog model, which converts recognized words into concepts, and based on current and previous context ....

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Trigger Word

Cognit is the trigger word detection engine for CogniTech. It is designed to operate with or without an Internet connection. It could work in fully standalone mode (for devices not connected to the cloud), or it could trigger a powerful speech recognizer located on the cloud ....

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