CogniTech fields of applications are numerous and include among others the design and development of systems that are becoming an integral part of the in-vehicle interaction systems, social robotics, smart buildings and Internet of Things to name a few


Cognitive In-vehicle Systems

We develop multimodal interaction modules for in-vehicle systems. These modules allow the driver and the passengers interact verbally and non-verbally with the vehicle....

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Social Robotics

A social robot interacts with users in a human-like and intuitive way, taking the needs and preferences of humans into account. These social robots can perform many assistive tasks ....

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Smart Buildings

We integrate seamlessly a wide set of smart sensors and actuators to monitor, control and optimize different aspects in connected buildings. These aspects include, but are not limited to ....

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Internet of Things

IoT is becoming an increasingly growing enabling technology for many applications related to smart city such as smart governance, smart education, smart healthcare, smart building, ....

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